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Diagnosis according to the invention 2007 
Of course it is important to know what your weak organs and system are, we can prevent diseases..
You only have to answer the questions with yes/no
By analyzing the answers we know exactly the locations of the signals and the affected and weak organs and systems.
If you do not treat the signals, your behavior will change, so that your fellow man can see that you need help.
You become nervous, clumpsy, intolerant, angry, you sleep badly, depressed, anxiety, susceptible for stress, you lose your confidence, you sweat easily,... in short you become an unsocial person.
But the good news is: if you treat the signals (externally on the skin) with a natural product, your behavior will return to normal !!!
So you NEVER should take medication, a revolution in the Western medicine.
The doctors treat you the wrong way (internally) with wrong products (chemicals) which poison your body !!! ?
Consequently you are not healed and you get a lot of side effects !
Your future will be different for only 168 euros* (until 25 years), see About for other ages..
Finally a real health
The diamond of life
Have a nice day
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