Antoon Soetens - scientist - chemical engineer - inventor

1966 biological and clinical research Simon Stevin institute Bruges Belgium - Dr Peeters advices me by letter to do research.
1968 - 1971 research in the nutrition sector Johannesburg South Africa
1972   independently with numerous inventions and achievements of all kinds
2007 invention logical way healing - healing made simple - patent 2007/0332 Belgium - A Norwegian professor designates me as the "engineering doctor"
2015  discovery how to reactivate the thymus.
2017  discovery of a biological dental filling
Today´s medicine is a worldwide genocide, because the biological system (100% living cells) is treated with medication (drugs) that are dead cells (chemicals)
- side effects
- no cure.
- cancer risk  -  cancer is caused by many unreasonable treatments that cause side effects , so the biological system is in a chaotic state that still barley functions.
Logical way healing
Healing made simple
- the zones of treatment have been discovered
- .an external treatment on the skin (zones) with plants
- your biological system does the rest: an osmosis reaction: your skin selects the necessary cells to restore a disorder
- you get a persnalized treatment without side effects.
More: cramps are a thing of the past.
         Federations of sport- football (soccer), basket, athletism,.cyclists,.... or any sport please take contact world@logicalwayhealing.com or antoon.soetens@outlook.com 
         A cramp disappears within the 15 seconds and the sportsman can continue the game ! The treatment is very simple..and can be done at the football field.
         A cramp can also be prevented
I informed the governments with number of registered letters, but nothing is being done - they prefer that the genocide can go on !
More the governments approve patents of drugs that do not contain living cells, that is a violation of human rights !
Consequently your health is your problem, but do not panic my solution is simple, effective.and without side effects.
- first a diagnosis according to the invention is a necessary: a questionnaire of approximately 50 questions with your answer: yes/no
- when analyzing the answers we will be able to discover the disorders, the weak systems and the places of treatment.(fees 65 euros)
- we also have the basis to prepare your personal health book. (fees: 495 euro).+ you get 2 months of assistance  (2 disorders).
- from now on you can heal. yourself
- the treatment is simple on the skin (6 seconds/day) in specific zones and with specific plants.
- your biological system selects the necessary cells to restore a disorder.
- after 3 weeks you feel already the difference and in about 2 - 3 months you are cured.
payment bank la Caixa - account Antoon Soetens
IBAN ES44 2100 6737 6221 0010 9343
Ref/ diagnosis or health book (English -Français or Nederlands)
ALL (95%) physical an psychological diseases will be cured such as:heart problems, poor blood circulation, digestive disorders, metabolic disorders (diabetes), muscle pain, arthritis, hearing voices, autism, ADHD, .epileptic,. dyslexia,...and even Alzheimer, dementia,.....and some cancers...there are no limits as long so can eat and walk
Nature is able to rebalance the complex biological system, how it happens, no one knows. , but that is not a problem!
If we have eaten no one knows how our biological system has processed the healthy diet, but we feel good !
A scientific evidence in biology does not exist, because nothing is known correctly, only empirical tests prove the efficienty..
Health is an invaluable value, but you need to apply the invention, a good advice take a desicion today and you will be a healthy and pleasant man for life.
More you will increase the quality of your DNA !
Please take contact: send a message to +34 603290168 and e-mail to world@logicalwayhealing.com or antoon.soetens@outlook.com 
Noteworthy news
The Nobel prize in medicine 2017 is my invention of 2007- patent 332/2007 Belgium - " the consequences and the solution to a defective identification system
The Nobel committee was written but to date without consequence. The winners have only sumitted a finding but have not proved anything -  everything is still at a stahe of a vision.
" the greatness of the invention is its simplicity" - digestive complications were cured
" the scientists look in the wrong direction" - a dentist got faulty bio computers and chronic headache.
" thank you, I start my bakery, my life dream" - problems: burn-out, pressure in the head, poor circularity, digestive disorders. (2 months treatment)
" we come to Tenerife to thank you" - French family - poor blood circulation, metabolic disorders, motoric disorders and the son got dyslexia.!..
" Anton, thank you I´m all right, Peter invites you to play golf" - problem: disease of Crohn: after 4 years treatment with drugs: no result, after 6 weeks treatment with natural products, the disease was cured.
A reaction of a testimonial: video,  www.youtube.com/  Antoon Soetens diabetes cured in 2 months
+  much more
Update 14 June  2018
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Other activities:
New TV 3D 6K without screen and cables, you project the screen where you want, an invention of Thomas Soetens (my son) and his girlfriend Kora Van de Bulcke www.immersivedesignstudios.com , already in the museum of the image New York.
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