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Healing made simple  -  invention 2007 
10 years ago, I had serious health problems: diabetes, poor circulation, immunity disorders, digestive disorders, metabolic disorder, memory and concentration disorders, heavy sweating ... but I cured myself, I discovered the secrets of Nature.
I started from zero and everything was questioned, what is known and what is variable?
We live on planet Earth which is a magnet, so all particles from man, animal and nature have magnetic properties, but none is known.
Our body is 100% biological (living cells) and everything is organized and powered by magnetic energy and protected by the "genetic stamp".
How the magnetic energy organize and power the cells (vibration) nobody knows, this is the secret of planet Earth and Universe.
I discovered:
- there is only a good blood circulation if the cells and veins vibrate.
- as all cells are conected they all vibrate, so you should feel the vibration from head to toe
- if not you have a problem, a diagnosis according to the invention will discover the problem. (80% has that problem)
- the invention discovered that only a topical treatment can restore your disorder, so a personalized treatment is a must.
The scientists try to modify the biological system (living cells) with medications: drugs, pills, injections, ..... which are chemical products (without living cells!)
- the biological system rejects the treatment: the side effects and does not cure are evidence.
- the Western medicine is completely wrong.
- more the scientists know in advance they have an impossible task but they need to manipulate the biological system to edit it with chemicals products ... !?
- the scientists package the chemical products as a pill that must be ingested, so that the first filter, the mouth, cannot control the content, normal the mouth  would respond and reporting "emesis that poison"! 
- of course the scientists and doctors don´t cure and create a lot of side effects, which is not legal !
- Nature brings the solution, my invention proves it with empirical experiments.
My empirical evidence:
A disease occurs in a natural way.
A disease must go on a natural way and with natural (biological) products (living cells)
But how can we find the right natural product and in what zone of our body we have to do the treatment?
How we can get sick and how do we heal?
You will get a personalized book with the solution: how you became sick and how to heal.
The solution is very simple:
At a disorder some cells of function do not vibrate and the function (or a part) is no longer active.
In that case the biological magnetic system emits signals to get help.
The kind of signals and locations were discovered.
At topical treatment with a natural product (living cells), a chain reaction is triggered and restores the disorder, proof: the signals disappear and the man is back happy.
The signals means: "I need help", if help does not come in time the distruction of your biological system goes one and complicate disorders arrise, finally one gets cancer!
The scientist have searched in the wrong direction:
- namely internal treatment
- with wrong products (industrial chemicals !) which do not have the living cells with the magnetic properties.
- the evidence of side effects and not healing !!!
Healing is a personalized process: only your biological system has the solution, for this reason you need a personalized health book !
Medications are crap, more they are a manipulation.
The scientist knows in advance that he has an impossible task, in the body everything is variable and unprecedented.
The manipulation is proven by the fact that the products are packaged as a pill (drug), that you need to ingest. (swallow) 
 So, your first checkpoint (the mouth) is unable to identify the contents, normally the mouth respond "emesis that poison"
The real medicine of Nature has been discovered.
Your personalized health book for only 845 euros English, Nederlands or Français.
It means, if you can save 10 euro per day for about 3 months you have a lifelong health !
It cures all your disorders + you get a new life + stimulates your talents.
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