Antoon Soetens - scientist - chemical engineer - inventor

1966 biological and clinical research Simon Stevin institute Bruges Belgium - Dr Peeters recommends me by letter to do research.
1968 - 1971 research in the nutrition sector Johannesburg South Africa
1972   independently with numerous inventions and achievements of all kinds
2007 invention logical way healing - healing made simple - patent 2007/0332 Belgium - A Norwegian professor designates me as the "engineering doctor"
2015  discovery how to reactivate the thymus.2017  discovery of a biological dental filling
Logical way healing
Healing made simple
Actual medicine is a worldwide genocide, because the biological system(100% living cells) is treated with medication which are dead cells(chemicals), side effects and cancer are the result !!!
I discovered the solution (logical and simple) and I informed the governments by many registered letters but they are doing nothing. They prefer that the genocide can go on !? 
So your health is your problem, but do not panic the solution is simple.
Man and Nature are complementary, Nature has the solution..
First you need a diagnosis according to the invention: a questionnaire from about 50 questions with your answer yes/no.
By analyzing we will be able to discover the disorders, weak systems and places of treatment.(fee 45 euros)
That is also the basis to write your personal health book. A final price for the book will then be given.
The treatment is simple only an external(topical) treatment with a natural product of 6 seconds to the skin on the specific places. 
Your biological system selects the necessary cells to restore a disorder(problem), so you get a personalized treatment ! 
After 3 weeks you feel already the difference and in maximum 3 months you are cured.
A diagnosis according to the invention will indicate the specific places of treatment and the right natural products.
ALL (95%) physical an psychological diseases are cured.(Alzheimer, dementia, ..heart problems, blood circulation disorders,.....autism, ..ADHD,...  epileptic,... digestion problems,... diabetes,...muscle pains ..even some cancers.... there are no limits as long you can eat and walk.
Given that health has an immeasurable value please take action.
Special action for children: with autism, dyslexia, ADHD, ... + all behavioral disorders .
After the dagnostic (45 euros), the personalized healthbook and treatment advices are FOR FREE (2 disorders)
Money is not important HEALTHY KIDS and FRIENDS  ARE IMPORTANT
Please take contact: send a message to +34 603290168 and e-mail to biocomputer@outlook.com 
Solution discovery.in detail
By analyzing the Man, animals and Nature I started from scratch and everything was questioned, what is known and what is variable?
The answer is:
Planet Earth is a magnet and the Man, animals and Nature are a mass of living cells that possess magnetic(genetic) stamps and magnetic properties .
The living cells are vibrating and organized by the bio computers (identification system).
- If the physical (speed, radiation, humidity, temperature, time: jet lag, hungry, thirsty..) and/or psychological (love, aggressively, fear ..) conditions are changing the bio computers will provide the correct instructions to all systems and organs.
-If negative physical and/or psychological conditions persist for a too long time than a defective identification system(bio computers) may occur.
But your bio computer is as logical as your PC and emitts signals to get help.
The signals are internal and external.
Internal signals:
on the head :zone A and B, press hard at each point of the zone and if you feel pain or sensitive it is the confirmation of a defective bio computer.
You need to treat the zone immediately according to the invention(with living cells) if not you get external signals.
External signals:
Your behavior will change: nervous, intolerant, aggressive, concentration problem, sweating,...in short you become an unsocial person and your fellow will realize you need help.
If the help does not arrive in time your biological system will further decrease and a disorder and disease may occur.
If you do the treatment with medications without living cells you will poison the biological system and with time a cancer may occur!!! (all pills are death cells: chemicals, also insulin is a chemical product that does not cure diabetes but only gives a more pleasant feeling but poison your body !
The good news: is
- the external signals should not be threaten, they disappear by treatment of the internal signals.- the biological system has plenty of spare parts but you need to apply the spare part in the right way, concequently stem cell therapy is not the best treatment, one should activate the stem cells according to my invention. Also chemotherapy, radiation,... are wrong treatments.
- you must do an external treatment(topically) on the skin in specific places.
- by diagnosis we are localizing the places of treatment.and we are able to localize the weak systems and organs: the cause of disorders.(fee 45 euros)
- your biological system sends out signals where it wishes to be treated. The signals are located just below the skin and are sensitive or painful when touching.
- I discovered as well the right natural products of treatment.
- at treatment physically or psychically your biological system will select the necessary living cells to trigger a reaction in order to do a recovery, whatever the kind of disorder may be
the kind of disorder is no more of interest, your biological system knows what to do !  - a revolution in medicine -  even heritability problems can be recovered..
- one must start with the recovery of the defective bio computers, the organs and systems according to a specific order, but all this you will be given at treatment. For some digestive disorders some natural products should be eaten.
- the treatment is personalized, you will receive a personalized health book with all specification for treatment and what to eat and how to live.
- because the treatment is personalized, we do a diagnosis according to the invention and we will detect all the affected and weak systems and organs.
ANY disorder or illness will be cured, Nature makes no exceptions - even cancer can be cured if you can walk and eat.
The quality of your DNA will increase with 25 to 30% and you will be a lifetime happy person.
In case of a new disorder(it is normal your biological system can be attacked at any time) -  do not panic we learn you what you need to do, therefore you can restore your biological system lifetime.
An advice:
Even when you have good health, reactivate all your biological systems according to my invention and you prevents cancer, more you extend your age with minimum 20 years and you increase the quality of your DNA with minimum 30%.
The Western medicine:(details)
The scientists try to modify the biological system (living cells) with medications: drugs, pills, injections, .....  without living cells (chemicals)!
- the biological system rejects the treatment: side effects due to the poison and no a cure are evidence.
- the Western medicine is completely wrong.
- more the scientists know in advance they have an impossible task.
- they need to manipulate the biological system to edit it with chemicals products ... !?
- the scientists package the chemical products as a pill that must be ingested, so that the first filter, the mouth, cannot control the content, normal the mouth would respond and report "emesis that poison"! 
- of course the scientists and doctors don´t cure and create a lot of side effects, which is not legal !
- Nature brings the solution, my invention evidence it with empirical experiments.(a scientific evidence does not exist in the biology because nothing is exact kno
My empirical evidence:
A disease occurs in a natural way.
A disease must go on a natural way.
" the greatness of the invention is its simplicity" - digestive complications were cured
" the scientists look in the wrong direction" - a dentist got faulty bio computers and chronic headache.
" thank you, I start my bakery, my life dream" - problems: burn-out, pressure in the head, poor circularity, digestive disorders. (2 months treatment)
" we come to Tenerife to thank you" - French family - poor circularity, metabolic disorders, motoric disorders, ..
" Anton, thank you I´m all right, Peter invites you to play golf" - problem: disease of Crohn: after 4 years treatment with drugs: no result, after 6 weeks treatment with natural products, the disease was cured.
A reaction of a testimonial: video,  www.youtube.com/  Antoon Soetens diabetes cured in 2 months
+ ........
Latest discoveries:
* anyone can remove a cramp in 10 seconds, more one can exercise his sport activity futher (soccer, football, athletic, tennis, cycling..)
* a biological dental filling was discovered, more the tooth has the change to recover ! - tests are going on 
* I am able to re-activate the thymus (this organ is responsible for development of the immune system, longs, digestive organs, fertility,..) and a possible solution for HIV.
for more information, please take contact world@logicalwayhealing.com or by mobile send only a message +34 603290168 
Update 14 May 2018
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Other activities:
New TV 3D 6K without screen and cables, you project the screen where you want, an invention of Thomas Soetens (my son) and his girlfriend Kora Van de Bulcke www.immersivedesignstudios.com , already in the museum of the image New York.
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