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Healing made simple  -  invention 2007 
10 years ago, I had serious health problems: diabetes, poor circulation, immunity disorders, digestive disorders, metabolic disorder, memory and concentration disorders (Alzheimer), heavy sweating ... but I cured myself, I discovered the secrets and power of Nature.
By analyzing the Man and Nature I started from scratch and everything was questioned, what is known and what is variable?
The answer was: the Man and Nature are a mass of living cells but no one living cell is well known however there must be a relationship between the Man and Nature.
I discovered:
- the Man and Nature are a mass of living cells protected by "genetic stamps" according to the magnect properties because we are living on planet Earth that is a magnet.
- the living cells of Man and Nature are complementary in certain biological contacts. 
- you must do an external treatment(topically) on the skin in the right places and with the right natural products.
- at every treatment physically or psychically your biological system will select the necessary living cells to trigger a reaction in order to do a recovery, whatever the kind of disorder may be -  the kind of disorder is no more of interest, your biological system knows what to do !!!  - a revolution in medicine !
- one must start with the recovery of the faulty bio computers and then the organs and systems according to a specific order, but all this you will be given at treatment. For some digestive disorders some natural products should be eaten.
- the treatment is personalized, you will receive a personalized health book from about 28 pages with all specification for treatment and what to eat and how to live.
- because the treatment is personalized, we do a diagnosis according to the invention - you just need to answer about 50 questions with "yes" or "no" and after analysis we mail you the diagnosis and treatment: your personalized health book. We will detect all the affected and weak systems and organs.
ANY disorder or illness will be cured, NATURE MAKES NO EXCEPTIONS - even cancer can be cured if you can walk and eat.
I discovered the power of Nature: result HEALING without SIDE EFFECTS.
Some information:
Our body has computers (bio computers) and machines: circulatory system, digestive system, immunity system, metabolic system and nervous system.
The bio computers are analyzing the incoming signals such as temperature, moisture, speed, radiation,.. and mental signals such as love, danger, stress,..
You can have a defective bio computer if the incoming signals are too negative for a long time.
But a bio computer is as logical as a PC and emits signals to get help.
The signals have been discovered as well the kind of treatment to restore the bio computers.
The same happens with the machines: if they receive wrong products or a part of the function is blocked they emit signals to get help, the signals and kind of treatment has been discovered.
A defective bio computer: your behavior will change and maybe you will become nervous, intolerant, aggressive, sweating,.. in short you will become an unsocial person. The signals will be pain points on the head but you can only discover them if you push hard in a certain zone.
These pain points must be treated topically with a natural product. By treatment the pain points disappear and you behavior is back to normal, so the change of behavior: intolerant, nervousness, aggressivety, irritability, sweating,... must not be treated.
A defective system: example a defective circulatory system.
- you have a good blood circulation if the cells and veins vibrate.
- as all cells are connected they all vibrate, so you should feel the vibration from head to toe.
- if not you have a problem, 80% have a circulatory disorder, the first signals will be cold hands and feet, cramps, painful leg, arthritis, pain in the back, ..heart problems,...headache... due to blocked veins.
The cause may be faulty bio computers and wrong food (with chemicals) or washing dishes with detergents, are toothpaste with chemicals... or any contact with chemicals poison your biological system.
The solution:
- let do a diagnosis according to the invention and we will discover ALL the disorders, weak systems and the cause.
- you will CURE without side effects !
If you do not a treatment, your biological system will degenerates further and later on you can get a cancer.
If you have a health problem , please take contact: CONTACT FORM
The Western medicine:
The scientists try to modify the biological system (living cells) with medications: drugs, pills, injections, ..... which are chemical products (without living cells!)
- the biological system rejects the treatment: side effects and not healing are evidence.
- the Western medicine is completely wrong.
- more the scientists know in advance they have an impossible task.
- they need to manipulate the biological system to edit it with chemicals products ... !?
- the scientists package the chemical products as a pill that must be ingested, so that the first filter, the mouth, cannot control the content, normal the mouth would respond and report "emesis that poison"! 
- of course the scientists and doctors don´t cure and create a lot of side effects, which is not legal !
- Nature brings the solution, my invention evidence it with empirical experiments.(a scientific evidence does not exist in the biology because nothing is
exact known)
My empirical evidence:
A disease occurs in a natural way.
A disease must go on a natural way (living cells)
You get sick and Nature will heal you because they are complementary: the invention of 2007 we have 10 years experience, the medicine looks since more than 150 years in the wrong direction, by treating the biological system internally with dead cells that are chemicals, that poison your health - side effects are the evidence!
You need a personalized book with the solution and you will understand why you got sick and how you can heal. the solution is very simple for ANY disorder(sickness)
Solution: take contact and you get a pleasant life !  see contact form
               you get a personalized treatment whatever may be the problem, Nature does not make exceptions !
other website with video: https://biocomputer-public.sharepoint.com 
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