Antoon Soetens  - chemical engineer - scientist - inventor
1966 Biological and clinical research Simon Stevin institute Bruges Belgium.
         Dr Peeters advices me by letter to do research.
1968 - 1972 Researcher at South African Oil mills - nutrition sector - Johannesburg South Africa.
1972  Independently with numerous inventions and achievements of all kinds.
1982  Silver medal: international invention salon Geneva Switserland: solar roof tiles.
2007 Invention of a logical way to heal without side effects, patent Belgium.
         A Norwegean professor designates  me as the "engineering doctor".
2015  The discovery to reactivate the thymus.
2017  The discovery of a biological dental filling.
2017  We only have 2 kinds of chemistry:
1. chemistry of the living cells (biology),
2. chemistry of the dead cells (metals, carbon compounds, acids, bases, salts,...plastic, flavorings, detergents,...  products for industrial use)
2019  Discovery: the scientist Friedrich Wöhler made in 1828 a wrong conclusion:  
          "We are able to produce living cells (biological urea) from dead cells (chemicals NH3...) 
          The difference of crystallization of the biological and chemical products evidence that this is wrong: biological crystals are all different,
          chemical crystals are all identical.
          By Law is it permitted to add poison (dead cells = chemicals) in food, medicines, soil,...!
          We are poisoned different times a day, it is normal we get sick and get cancer!
          How is it possible that nobody has discovered the wrong conclusion!?
          I have taken action, I have informed Belgian government and FAVV (Belgian food control organization).
          I hope that you too take action!
I have discovered the solution: we are a part of Nature
-  people and Nature are complementary
- everyone can and must heal themselves, only your biological system has the solution, the invention proves it.
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Only products without chemicals are processed by your biological system.

Chemicals poison your body and later you become sick.
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